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Mission & Vision

Every Industry Can Benefit From Evcon

To Plant 50 Millions Trees by 2030

Build community across the globe to impact

Our Mission

EVCON'S Mission

To steer the community towards one mission to solve global problems. We are running out of time…
So, here’s what we strive to do:

• Educate regional and international experts & leaders.

• Bring sustainable & blockchain projects on board in the regional and international scales.

• Showcase projects to investor/partners & Connect with
future partners.

• Create a better future today for tomorrow in within next 8 years.

To plant 50 millions trees by 2030



Consisting of more than c 10 in-depth sessions on Future Sustainability & Blockchain.



Showcasing use-cases of the Sustainably in 17 goals, what you are working on to inspire & impact the communities around you.



Curating workshops & c Discussion youth & leaders for Sustainable foresight and use-case reviews

EVCON'S Vision

We connect and inspire regional & international creators and investors to enable more sustainable, and prosperous blockchain projects.

We trust in innovation to build better communities & cities and unlock ESG aligned growth.

We’re going to have 4 to 5 events Each Year until 2030 to reach the Goal.

Our first event is in Dubai on November 2022. Next Location is TBC.